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Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Marina always searched for her place in the world and this always reflected on her art - with the search for better LGBTQ+ representation in graphic media. Her art went through a metamorphosis where it started to reflect about the meaning of "Self". Marina has a BFA in Painting through the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro with an Extension in Surface Design through PUC-Rio, and, as someone who loves Literature and Cinema, she also works as an Illustrator and Production Designer.

  • (2015) Production Designer in the shortfilm Pelos Olhos do Besouro, directed by Mickaël Coutourier and Myrza Muniz, winner of Best Cinematography - 12 Months Film Festival (Romania), and nominated in other 27 festivals.

  • (2014) Props Designer in the shortfilm Um Vagabundo no Éden, directed by Mickaël Couturier. Selected in 5 festivals.​​​​​​​

  • (2019) Solo exihibit Fuga do Eu at Casa Territórios 

  • (2016) Group exihibit Latinas at SESC Ramos

  • (2015) Group exihibit Latinas at Galeria Djanira (CEPERJ)

  • (2015) Group exihibit Semana da Aquarela - UFRJ, with various artworks.

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